High Pitched Noises

That high pitched noise you hear buzzing at an annoying high pitch in your ear?

That would be me.

I have not stopping exclaiming my pleasure in sound ranges that only dogs and whales can hear since I hear about the release of this:

Yes. Another time travel book by Connie Willis.

The Connie Willis who wrote To Say Nothing of the Dog: How We Found the Bishop’s Bird Stump at Last which is the best time travel comedy book with title inspired by Jerome K. Jerome ever. There are parasols and peevish butlers and lots of wretched Victorian poetry and drownings cats and references to Gaudy Night and just enough romance (or is it time-lag?).

And now, she is releasing a two book time traveling extravaganza set in World War II?

*Miss Corene regrets that she cannot continue this post as she has left her computer and is sprinting to the nearest bookstore waving her credit card*

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